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Toilets are difficult to keep clean and odourless if they have to accommodate hundreds of people a day. This, however, can be easy with us. Our sanitary equipment is easy to maintain and eliminates odours. It also reduces your operating costs.

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Pay less

Our urinals will save you 1.5 litres of water with each use while the soap dispensers will reduce your soap consumption by up to 65%. Our hand dryers will save your costs for paper towels and work associated with their topping up . Calculate the difference!


Get rid of bad smells

Waterless urinals feature a seal, which prevents leakage of odour. You can combine them with our air fresheners that do not cover the odour, but rather neutralise it efficiently.


Test us

We will come to your company to present our products or you can test them yourselves on your premises. If you are not convinced after the testing period, you pay only for the material used for the product installation and operation.


Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals

No water = no odour

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Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers

Up to 90 % more economical

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Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners

No sprayers or chemicals

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Contactless Disinfectant Dispensers

Contactless Disinfectant Dispensers

For hygienic operations

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Warranty and servicing


Warranty 5 years

For hand dryers and urinals

We provide an extended warranty our products: 5 years for waterless urinals and 5 years or one million uses for hand dryers.


Service within 48 hrs

From reporting an issue

You do not have to wait for a month with us. We will be with you within 2 days wherever you are located.


Are you interested in our products or do you want to find out what we could offer particularly to you? Write to us or leave your contact info here. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We can visit you in your company premises to present EcoStep products or you can test them yourselves. If you are not convinced after the testing period, you pay only for materials used for the product installation and operation. Just write us a message.

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