Hand Dryer

hand dryer

The EcoStep-R1 hand dryer has up to 90 % lower electricity consumption than standard dryers thanks to its latest digital motor. Being made of durable plastics it resists vandalism. We provide a warranty for its functionality for 5 years or 1 million uses.

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Waterless Urinal

waterless urinal

A urinal made of sanitary ceramics that will help you to cut your water cost. Its patented seal is the only one that efficiently prevents odours for at least 6 months. 30 seconds a day are enough for EcoStep urinal maintenance.

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Air Freshener

air freshener

Replace chemicals with natural fragrances. Our air fresheners use natural fragrant oils and release their scent throughout the day – without a sprayer or a fan. They do not ‘override’ odours but rather neutralise them efficiently.

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Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of
sanitary equipment

Leave the responsibility with us. We will take care of the regular maintenance of all our products and guarantee problem-free operation for 6 months after each maintenance.

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We will help you no matter what you do. We have a solution just for you .

Modern Technology

EcoStep sanitary equipment can be trusted. We pay the utmost attention to its durability, economy and environmental friendliness. Our urinal seals are the only ones that last 6 to 18 months while our hand dryers – unlike standard dryers – feature progressive digital motors.

Save Drinking Water Sources With Us



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