Contactless soap dispensers

Up to 65 % lower soap consumption

How much soap does your company use in a month? It will be up to 65 % less with our foaming dispenser/foamer. The dispenser automatically reports a low level of soap and a low battery.

The EcoStep S2 contactless soap dispenser/foamer saves soap with each dose. 2 750 doses can be obtained from one 1.1-litre cartridge: foamed and measured exactly for hand washing. Compared to standard dispensers, this can save up to 65 % of soap.

  • Vacuum-packed 1.1-litre cartridge (2750 doses)
  • Antibacterial (bacteria do not have access inside the cartridge)
  • Easy replacement – the cartridge includes the foamer
  • No dripping on the wash basin
  • Low soap and low battery signaling

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Reduced soap consumption

The dispenser foams the liquid soap and releases only the dose needed for hand washing. Thanks to this, the soap consumption is up to 65 % lower; each cartridge provides for 2750 doses. In addition, the soap does not leak or drip on the wash basin.


Easy maintenance

The dispenser reports a low soap level. As the soap cartridge is replaceable, including the foamer, the dispenser does not require cleaning.


Bacteria-free soap

As the soap is packed in air-tight bags and the dosing is contactless, bacteria cannot enter it. Anti-bacterial soap can also be used in the dispenser.

Warranty and servicing


Warranty 2 years

From the date of purchase

Our contactless soap dispensers are covered by a 2-year warranty.


Service within 48 hrs

From reporting an issue

You do not have to wait for a month with us. We will be with you within 2 days wherever you are located.

Technology and technical data

Technical specifications

EcoStep S1 soap dispenserEcoStep S2 EcoStep S2 soap dispenserEcoStep S2 EcoStep S2 soap dispenserEcoStep S2
Width 140 mm 140 mm 140 mm
Height 280 mm 280 mm 280 mm
Depth 135mm 135mm 135mm
Batteries 4 × C alcaline batteries 4 × C alcaline batteries 4 × C alcaline batteries
Cartridge volume 1,1 ltr = 2750 dávek 1,1 ltr = 2750 dávek 1,1 ltr = 2750 dávek


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