With regular maintenance

You can get EcoStep waterless urinal(s) for CZK 1 – if you leave the regular maintenance on us. This will reduce your initial investment and we will take care of the problem-free performance of your urinals.

If we agree on regular maintenance for a 3-year period, you will receive the following for CZK 1: P1.1 or P8 waterless urinal, the installation set, urinal seal, wrench, bioblock Fresh, spray and 1 litre of our biological cleaner.

The regular maintenance includes all the care needed for smooth performance of waterless urinals. Every 4 months we will clean your urinal(s) and their drainage, replace the seal and the bioblock, provide new scent cartridge, test the system and replace the information board. The price includes the work and transport within the Czech Republic.

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Waterless urinal for CZK 1

Get a P1.1 or P8 waterless urinal including all the accessories for CZK 1 and get an installation discount on top.


Functionality guaranteed

Every 4 months we will perform comprehensive maintenance of the waterless urinals and guarantee their performance until the next visit. Should any problem occur we will rectify it free of charge.


You can terminate the contract prematurely.

If you decide to maintain your urinal(s) yourselves, you can terminate the contract prematurely. You will pay the price of your waterless urinal(s).


Are you interested in our products or do you want to find out what we could offer particularly to you? Write to us or leave your contact info here. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We can visit you in your company premises to present EcoStep products or you can test them yourselves. If you are not convinced after the testing period, you pay only for materials used for the product installation and operation. Just write us a message.

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