2-phase floor cleaning

Did you know that a freshly mopped floor is not clean? The soiling in joints and cracks reacts with water and penetrates deep into the concrete. Yet we can long-term clean these joints and cracks thanks to our special solution which prevents their soiling.

2 phases for perfect cleanness

Toilets, kitchens, production halls, schools – all these require perfect cleanliness. We can guarantee this thanks to our 2-phase cleaning: we will meticulously clean your floor and prevent its joints and cracks it from soiling.

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2 solutions for long-term effect

We use two special solutions for cleaning: the first cleans the floor and pushes out the stubborn dirt, the second changes the concrete’s texture and closes the cracks. Thanks to the second solution, the joints and cracks do not become dirty after cleaning.


2-year warranty

We guarantee 2 years of clean joints and cracks. Just mop the floor regularly. The second cleaning phase will last for the whole year, protecting the joints and cracks from soiling.


Our machine gets everywhere.

We use a smallish cleaning machine, which can clean even less accessible places such as stairs or the space under a suspended toilet.


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We can visit you in your company premises to present EcoStep products or you can test them yourselves. If you are not convinced after the testing period, you pay only for materials used for the product installation and operation. Just write us a message.

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