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Economical and antibacterial

Save up to 90 % of electricity with each hand drying. This thrifty hand dryer saves both your money and the environment compared to standard dryers or paper towels.

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Savings with each use

We help you to save. Our hand dryers have up to 90 % lower electricity consumption than standard dryers, the savings are even greater if compared with paper towels.


Easy maintenance

Thanks to the collecting tray, water does not drip on the floor. You do not lose time with regular topping up of the paper towels and cleaning the mess around the bins.


Suitable for F&B industries

The EcoStep-R1 hand dryer has won the HACCP certificate. It has an antibacterial finish and is equipped with a HEPA filter, which eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria from the atmosphere.




HACCP certificate

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5-year warranty

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The money-saving hand dryer featuring a modern digital motor will reduce your electricity cost. It has the lowest consumption on the market – up to 90 % lower than standard dryers. Thanks to its antibacterial finish, it has won the HACCP certificate.

  • Modern digital motor
  • 2 speeds, consumption 1000 W / 750 W
  • Drying time only 10 s
  • 5-year warranty or 1 million uses
  • Tray for water dripping from hands
  • Odour neutralisation with zero-smell gel
  • ION PURE antibacterial finish and HEPA 13 filter
  • HACCP certificate
  • Remote control for displaying the number and total time of uses
  • Anti-vandal version – hardened plastics
  • LED illumination

Offered in variants   


We supply this smallest and most efficient hand dryer on the market in two colours: dark grey and silver. EcoStep-R4 dries hands in 10–12 seconds and consumes 85 % less electricity than standard hand dryers . It is covered by an extra long warranty period: 5 years or 3 000 hours of activity.

  • Low consumption 350 W
  • Warranty 5 years or 3 000 hours
  • Smallest hand dryer on the market: 272 × 136 × 123 mm
  • Modern digital motor
  • Drying time 10–12 s
  • Aluminium cover, LED light
  • Anti-vandal form
  • 2 colours: dark grey and silver

Offered in variants  

Calculate your savings

Costs compared


with paper towels
16 800


with traditional dryers
9 800


Only 1 600


Warranty and servicing


Warranty 5 years

Or one million cycles

We trust our hand dryers and we guarantee their problem-free operation for 7 years or 5000 hours in the case of the R4 model and 5 years or 1 million uses in the case of R1..


Service within 48 hrs

From reporting an issue

You do not have to wait for a month with us. We will be with you within 2 days wherever you are located.

Technology and technical data

Technical specifications

EcoStep R1 hand dryerEcoStep R1 EcoStep R4 hand dryerEcoStep R4
Width 334 mm 272 mm
Height 673 mm 136 mm
Depth 233 mm 123 mm
Consumption 1000 W or 750 W 350 W
Material hardened plastics aluminium cover
Warranty 5 years

(3000 hours)

5 years

(3000 hours)


R1 hand dryer – dimensions  
R4 hand dryer – dimensions  
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EcoStep – catalogue  


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