Floor drain inlet
No odour – no flooding

The time of traditional floor drain inlets is over. The EcoStep inlet does not need to be flooded and provides 100% protection against sewer odour and/or pests entering the room.

EcoStep floor inlet needs only minimum maintenance. Unlike traditional inlets, this one does have to be regularly flooded to form a siphon effect preventing odour and pests from getting in. It can easily replace any old inlet.

  • 50, 78, 90, 100, 110, 114, 120, 138, 150 mm
  • Complete or retrofitting set
  • Guaranteed seal life of 6 months
  • 100% odour-free

Choose a dry floor drain inlet

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Choose a dry floor drain inlet


No odour

The inlet seal works as a control valve : it lets water out of the room but does not allow sewer odours or pests in.


No flooding needed

Unlike traditional inlets, this floor inlet does not need flooding. It is enough to check the grill and seal tightness once a month.


Replacement for all types of floor inlet

Inlets are available in several sizes. Thanks to that they can replace any old floor inlet and simplify its maintenance for you.

Warranty and servicing


Warranty 2 years

From the date of purchase

We provide a 2-year warranty for our floor drain inlet.


Service within 48 hrs

From reporting an issue

You do not have to wait for a month with us. We will be with you within 2 days wherever you are located.


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We can visit you in your company premises to present EcoStep products or you can test them yourselves. If you are not convinced after the testing period, you pay only for materials used for the product installation and operation. Just write us a message.

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